What is nastyfans?

nastyfans is a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts that have a lot of fun watching and encouraging and participating in the Bitcoin world. OgNasty is a person that invests personal resources for a private mining operation called NASTY MINING. We as enthusiasts think it is great what NASTY MINING is doing and we try to help out when possible. To coordinate our enthusiasm we created nastyfans: the unofficial fanclub of NASTY MINING. Watch our promotional video!

What does the fanclub do?

We discuss the current and future trends of Bitcoin mining. We have polls to vote and give OgNasty ideas and advice about improving NASTY MINING. We donate Bitcoin to help improve NASTY MINING. As a fanclub we do whatever we want to show our enthusiasm for NASTY MINING. It is a lot of fun!

What do fanclub members get out of it?

We get to be part of Bitcoin and take part in making a good mining operation. It is exciting to be part of the CPU to GPU to FPGA to ASIC evolution of mining. Often OgNasty donates the mined Bitcoins to our fanclub. 75% of all donations to the fanclub are distributed to fanclub members interested in receiving donations. (The fanclub voted to have the other 25% donated to 1NASTYfxUpKPwin7b1KTBFjeeofrLSgXDJ - NASTY MINING to improve the mining operation.)

How do fanclub members communicate with each other?

NASTY MINING has a thread at bitcointalk.org: [NastyFans.org] NASTY MINING. This is where all the fans hang out.

How can I become a fanclub member?

You must own a membership seat in the fanclub. nastyfans has 30,000 membership seats. There are no more available but you can buy a membership seat from a existing member. Visit the online auction to see if any fanclub members are selling seats or consider minting seats.

Why are there only 30,000 seats?

It is important that our fanclub has active members who are real enthusiasts. With limited seats the rules of supply and demand help to create a cost and value to membership so only serious fans will have interest in owning seats.

Does the fanclub sell seats?

No. But seats can be sold by fanclub members. The fanclub provides a online auction as help for this.

How do I buy seats?

At the online auction enter the number of seats to buy and click "buy". A Bitcoin address is provided where you send your Bitcoin. The seats will be transferred to your membership account after the transaction is confirmed.

It is also possible to buy seats through minting. To mint click "mint seats" from the home screen. When buying+minting new seats as a bundle you are buying seats from fanclub member OgNasty.

How do I sell seats?

At the online auction enter the number of seats to sell and the price per seat and the Bitcoin address that the payment will be sent to and click "sell". The seats will be transferred to the buyer after nastyfans confirms the payment. Then the full payment is sent directly to you with the next donation distribution. The fanclub does not keep any Bitcoin for itself.

What are these minted seats everyone is talking about?

Here are the official bitcointalk.org threads: 2oz .9999 Gold Rounds, 5oz .999 Silver Rounds, 2oz .999 Silver Rounds, 1oz .999 Silver Rounds. There is also a website to show information about all existing minted seats: nastyfans.uberbills.com.

Can I trust that the fanclub is really supporting NASTY MINING and not stealing Bitcoin from fanclub members?

We want the fanclub to be as open as possible so that everyone is comfortable with the fanclub. All donations to the fanclub and donation distributions are posted with a link to the block containing the transactions. This allows members to verify the donation and see the donation distribution. Results from polls are posted to the bitcointalk.org forum so OgNasty sees what we are doing. Fanclub members can publish seat and identity information on a official signed list so they can independently prove seat ownership. For the auction the fanclub does not keep any Bitcoin for itself and does not pretend to be a bank. Bitcoin from sold seats is sent directly to the sellers. Donations are sent directly to the members interested in receiving donations. Even if the fanclub was hacked or would disappear there is no danger of members losing Bitcoin because the fanclub does not have any Bitcoin.

nastyfans rocks! Can I donate to the fanclub?

Sure! Donations for nastyfans should be sent here: 1NastyFRkeUTmMdbMmzggDVTQA6r3ibUoX

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes. Read and understand the nastyfans policy. It is the rules we play by.