NastyPool miners

This page lists the Bitcoin miners active on NastyPool over the past 24 hours. It shows the hashrate of each miner and marks accepted P2Pool shares. It shows the payout address and expected payout to each miner for the current P2Pool mining round. It shows the payout method chosen by the miner.

1ESYU8M62R19cHynPUNcezXFagoyhH1euP : 0.0040582 BTC [payouts by NastyPoP]

1PN4ePKnoE7xfXCiQ2vYiCaBdgxmQV9kJH : 0.00138692 BTC [payouts by P2Pool]

1NastyFRkeUTmMdbMmzggDVTQA6r3ibUoX : 0 BTC [payouts by NastyPoP]
(donating to nastyfans as NastyMining-PoP)

15wKwdeTToxy8CndT88Jh4qbik9moEAnQF : 0 BTC [payouts by NastyPoP]