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Why mine with us?

Here are a few reasons:

How to mine with us?

NastyPool does not require you to set up a account. The miner username and port are used to identify where payouts are sent and what payout method you will use. Here is a simple form to show you the connection and authentication settings you should use.

payout address:
payout method:
pool server:

pool miner information

host:<fill out form to determine host>
port:<fill out form to determine port>
username:<fill out form to determine username>


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to become a nastyfans member to mine on NastyPool?

No. However if you are a member you can register your miner and receive extra credits for the P2Pool shares you earn. This is valid for both payout methods.

What is the difference between P2Pool and NastyPoP payout methods?

With the P2Pool payout method you mine on P2Pool individually using your payout address. Your payouts occur when P2Pool solves a block. You are paid in newly generated Bitcoins. Your payout size depends on the number of P2Pool shares your miner earned.

With the NastyPoP payout method you mine on P2Pool collectively with all other NastyPoP miners. Your payouts occur every Friday at 19:00 UTC. You are paid even if you earn no P2Pool shares. Your payout size depends on the number of hashes your miner generated during the 7 days prior to payout. This payout method reduces payout variance due to P2Pool luck to provide more stable and predictable payouts.

What payouts should I expect with the NastyPoP payout method?

The NastyPoP payout method pays out 100% of rewarded Bitcoin to miners. But because of P2Pool variance and miner variance it is not possible to determine the payouts in advance. You can visit to view the full NastyPoP payout rate history. This maybe gives you a idea about what to expect.

Can I see how my miner is doing?

Yes. Visit and search for your payout address. When you start mining it can take up to 10 minutes for your miner to appear.

Where can I go if I have a problem with NastyPool?

For questions or problems you can contact nonnakip or OgNasty or post on the NASTY MINING thread at

What pool software is NastyPool running?

P2Pool version 17.0.

Which Bitcoin blocks has NastyPool solved?